Yandere Simulator Review

One of the biggest upsides of PC gaming when compared to console gaming is that PC gamers have easy access to sandbox and beta versions of games before they are officially released. This is the case with Yandere Simulator, a game that is still in early development. Yandere Simulator’s development has been publicly available on the internet since the very beginning with the developer, who identifies himself a Yandere Dev, beginning the game’s development around the idea of a killer schoolgirl who would do anything for love. It’s a strange game concept, which makes for a great game that incorporates stealth and strategy into the gameplay. It’s one of the most popular Games to Download right now.

One of the biggest reasons why this game has become so popular is because of the killing techniques that the protagonist can use to eliminate the rivals that threaten to take her Senpai away from her. For every week in the game, a new rival is introduced and the player has a week to eliminate her. This can be done via murder, expulsion or ruining her reputation among other methods.

Since the game is still in development, the official rivals that are going to be in the game aren’t available to be played yet and the version that is currently available is a sandbox version that uses a random character named Kokona Haruka to be the scapegoat for all the different elimination methods. Players can test out strategies and get creative with ways to get rid of Kokona, but there’s no way to win the game yet. Currently, Yandere Dev is finishing up development on the first official rival of the game, Osana Najimi. Once this character has been completed, the first week of the game will be fully playable and the game’s development will officially move from sandbox to beta status. Yandere Dev has made slow progress developing the game because he mostly developed it by himself using volunteers, but he has recently teamed up with a gaming development company to help speed up development and to secure an earlier release.

Games to Download

This is a good option among the many games to download online right now, because it’s still completely free. The official game will be released at a price in the future, but while it is in its demo stages the developer has made it free to download so it can be tested for bugs. New updates used to be released twice a month, but that has since slowed down to monthly updates as the programming obstacles became bigger and took longer to deal with in the development process.

One of the main things that is slowing down the development of the game is the constant enquiries directed towards Yandere Dev, so if you do download this game be sure not to send him an e-mail with suggestions or to report a bug that is already listed on the known bugs page.