Saving Money with UC Mini

I am on my phone browsing the internet constantly, and one of the things that has really become a pain for me is my cell phone bill.  Because I am constantly on the internet and I do not have unlimited data, I have ended up running up huge monthly bills for my cell phone service.  If I had wifi in my house, this might not be nearly as big of an issue as it had become, but because I do not have wifi and I am constantly on the internet, I have always gone over my monthly data allotment.  I began trying to figure out a good way for me to go about lowering my bills, but I really did not have any desire to cut back on my internet usage.  I already had the largest data plan that my provider had available, so I knew that I needed to do something else if I was going to be able to save on my bills.

UC Mini

    That was when a friend of mine told me about UC Mini, which is the mobile version of the UC browser that you normally see on computers.  The reason my friend thought that I might be interested in this alternative mobile browser is due to the fact that it does not load entire web pages, but actually compresses the data as the device receives it, which means that it actually uses a whole lot less data than normal mobile web browsers.  They do this in order to speed up the internet experience, but the good side effect is the fact that it actually uses far less data overall.  You can go to the same web pages with this browser as with any other, but this browser will load them faster because it is not using the same amount of data.

    I decided to give it a shot for a month in order to see how it worked, and because the download was completely free, I really did not have anything to lose.  I made sure that I was on the internet just as much with this browser as I was with my old one, and I noticed a huge difference just in that first month.  First of all, I never once got any sort of notice that I had gone over my data limit for the month, which was definitely a very good sign.  Second, when I finally got my bill after browsing with this browser for a month, it was significantly lower than any of the bills I had received in previous months.

    All in all, I am very happy with this browser, and I have always recommended it to all of my friends who have been looking for a new mobile web browser.  It is full of features that I enjoy, but most importantly of all, it has saved me a whole lot of money on my monthly phone bill.  This was definitely a good move on my part.